"Teaching and learning for the sake of livelihood is just an ordinary life. Teaching and learning not only for the sake of livelihood, but also for the welfare of others is a good cultured life. Teaching and learning not only for the sake of livelihood, serving humanity is serving God, is Kayaka Dasoha Philosophy of education of our institutions"
-Poojya Appaji


Name Designation Contact No
Dr. Ravindrakumar M Nagarale Principal 9483448161
Police Circle Inspector, Shorapur 08433 292044
Police sub Inspector,Shorapur 08433 292044
Dr. Ashok Patil Associate Professor & Dean(Exam) 8123152802
Dr. Shoba Hangarki Associate Professor 9036661247
Mr. Kailas S Patil Associate Professor & Dean(Academic) 9738480668
Mr. Jagadish Patil Asst.Professor 9886460601
Mr. Sahebgouda PAtil Asst.Professor 9844501001
Mr. Prashanth Chinlamlli Asst.Professor 7795833381
Mr. Somanath J Patil Asst.Professor 9611632979
Mr. Sharanbasvareddy Patil Asst.Professor 9591678371
Mr. Lokesh Asst.Professor 9449986298
Mr. Prabhakar Asst.Professor 9972351439
Mr. Siddannagouda Patil Asst.Professor 9880294522
Mrs. Ambika D Asst.Professor 9620417255
Mrs.Rathi D Joshi Asst.Professor 8139939869
Miss. Soumyashree Asst.Professor 8147251560
Mr. Siddalingesh Asst.Professor 8762351909


o Cancellation of admission

o Suspension from attending classes.

o Suspension / Expulsion from the Hostel.

o Rustication from the Institution for period of ragging from 1-4 semesters

o Expulsion from the Institution and consequent debarring from admission to any other institution.