In 2010, VNEC Shorapur was founded under Sharnabasava Vidyavardhak Sangha. Veerappa Nisty Engineering College constructed at
         Shorapur which is a totally rural area, in a newly declared district in Karnataka. Shorapur town has its own historical place in Indian history
         and also famous for the kingdoms which was sacrificed the lives for freedom fight movement. The Shorapur city totally covered with rock
         hills and surrounding with irrigation fields which from upper Krishna Project. College has located outside the area of Shorapur city and built
         beside to Bidar-Shrirangapattana state highway. College has situated at the distance of 100 kms from Gulbarga and 40 kms from Yadgir.
         VNEC is run by Shri. Sharanabasaveshwara Vidyavardhaka Sangha, Gulbarga, under chairmanship of Poojya Dr. Sharnbaswappa Appa,
          Mahadasohi 8th Peethadipathi of Sharnbasaveshwar Samstan with his primary objective of bringing quality education to the rural area
          students specifically for this area. In recent years the College has undergone a period of rapid infrastructural development.

         VNEC Student Residences are luxury student accommodation adjacent to the Campus, The Building, Library and Student Residences clearly
         demonstrate the College's commitment to modernization of facilities and infrastructure. All infrastructural developments reflect new academic
         and enrolment growth. Investment plans and developments are ongoing to undertake significant projects of building and modernization in the
         coming years which will include: further upgrading of classrooms, lecturing facilities and specialist laboratories, indoor and outdoor sports and
         recreation facilities.

         We recognize and are proud of the fact that our College campus is located in one of the most scenic areas in the country on the shores of Hills.
         Our College monitors and maintains how we interact with our idyllic environment as we continue to develop and cater for an increased
         student population. The aim of the college is to focus on conserving resources and increase recycling so an environmentally friendly campus
         can be enjoyed by students, staff, the community and visitors alike.