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Veerappa Nisty Engineering College, Shorapur

Kalyana Karnataka Incubation Center


About College

Veerappa Nisty Engineering College is a one of the College of the Sharnabasava Vidyavardhak Sangha, Kalaburagi, is a provider of Quality-level education and research in the South region of Karnataka. As a College within the wider Sangha network we are a dynamic, fast-growing educational institution that recognizes our strategic location in Shorapur. We are fully responsive to the local/regional needs and aware of our contribution not only to University-level education but to the social and economic development of the region.

Students at VNEC, Shorapur, are afforded a high quality of University education with small classes, state of the art resources within a strong community environment while been given the wider opportunities for the students. VNEC, Shorapur, was founded in 2010. This is a tradition which values of academic excellence. As a College with in the wider Sharnabasva Vidyavardhak Sangha network there is a strong community environment which is recognized for its friendly caring atmosphere characterized by respect for the individual. VNEC has newly constructed building with all modern facilities for students in the rural area which has main intention to provide a quality education for the rural People.


The VNECS Kalyana Karnataka Incubation center utilizes VNEC shared resources, management expertise, intellectual capital, and bottom-up learning over the past 10 years to enhance the capacity and vision of potential incubatees.

✔ Access to working capital

✔ Access to innovation funding

✔ Access to end-user credit

✔ Geographic and supply chain constraints

✔ Availability of trained workforce

✔ Understanding needs of the poor

✔ Lack of defined poor centric products

✔ Poorly formulated policies

✔ Social mission retention and scale-up


✔ Transfer key elements and learning of K2IC or related models and processes

✔ Mentoring and business process/planning support to help establish the opertions

✔ Support for creation of appropriate ecosystem

✔ Support for development of business plan and enabling to seed and later stage capital


We incubate enterprises across the country, with special focus on Hydrabad Karnataka (Kalyana Karnataka) region of karnataka state and the North karnataka state. We also engage with enterprises of varying sizes(Micro, Small and Medium) and at different stages of growth.