Last updated on 1/3/2019


Library Staff
Sl.No. Faculty Photo Faculty Id Faculty Name Designation Qualification Profile
01 # # Mr. Mahantesh Hiremath Asst. Libarian MLISc.

Library details

Number of Titles :2500
Number of Valumes:2000
Journals: VTU E-Consortium
Library Timming:24*7hrs
Investment till date:65,00,000+
Budget for current Year 2019-20: 9,50,000
Area(in Sq. Mt):468.88
Reading room capacity:150 No of students
Reprographic Facility:Printer
Library Networking:VTU-Consortium No Of Multimedia(PCs):20 Desktops, 3 Laptops.
Publisher:ASCE, Taylor & Francis, Knimbus Digital Library + remote Access.
VTU Subscription Amount:Rs.1,00,000

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