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The Department of Mechanical Engineering started in the year 2013. It offers a richly integrated curriculum of education and research to its students. The Department offers Bachelor degree in Engineering (BE) with an intake of 60 students. The Department is well equipped with state-of-the-art laboratories and infrastructural facilities in thrust areas. Faculty members render assistance to leading industries through technical advice and consultancy services.

"To develop the Department of Mechanical Engineering into a center of excellence to produce Mechanical Engineers of highest quality to meet the rapidly evolving global needs of industry and society."
"To develop the Mechanical Engineering Program through Design and Development of Mechanical Systems and innovative research and to inculcate among the students, the leadership qualities and professional ethics."

Department of Mechanical Engineering

Teaching Faculty
Sl.No. Faculty Photo Faculty Id Faculty Name Designation Qualification Profile
01 # # Prof. Malkanagouda Patil HOD & Asst. Prof. B.E, M-Tech,MSAE,(Ph. D)
02 # # Prof. Aravind Bidari Asst. Prof. B.E, M-Tech
03 # # Prof. Sharanu Tegunti Asst. Prof. B.E, M-Tech
04 # # Prof. Siddhalingesh B Asst. Prof. B.E, M-Tech
05 # # Prof. Veeresh Asst. Prof. B.E, M-Tech.
06 # # Prof. Manjunath Y Asst. Prof. B.E, M-Tech
07 # # Prof. Sahebagouda Asst. Prof. B.E, M-Tech.
08 # # Prof. Lingaraj K Asst. Prof. B.E, M-Tech
09 # # Prof. Pratibha Patil Asst. Prof. B.E, M-Tech
10 # # Prof. Shreenath B Asst. Prof. B.E, M-Tech
Total Number of Facultys: Prof: 00, Assoc. Prof.:00, Asst. Prof.:10
Non-Teaching Faculty
Sl.No. Photo Name Designation Qualification
01 # Mr. Vijaykumar Biradar Foreman Diploma
02 # Mr. Madhukar Rao Lab Instructor I T I
03 # Mr. Mahesh Hiremath Lab Instructor I T I
03 # Mr. Pampapati Helper I T I

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