"Teaching and learning for the sake of livelihood is just an ordinary life. Teaching and learning not only for the sake of livelihood, but also for the welfare of others is a good cultured life. Teaching and learning not only for the sake of livelihood, serving humanity is serving God, is Kayaka Dasoha Philosophy of education of our institutions"
-Poojya Appaji


At Veerappa Nisty Engineering College, we strive to offer the best possible educational experience for our students. We have a wealth of programs that feature practical, hands-on learning experiences that prepare students for the workplace, or for the next step on their academic pathway. Our knowledgeable and dedicated faculty and staff work with a keen focus on student success.

VNEC has something to offer to all students -Graduate and post-graduate programs. This range of choices allows for greater flexibility and accessibility to better meet the diverse needs of our students. We are constantly reviewing and updating our programs and technology to ensure our students are fully prepared to embark on the career of their choice. VNEC campus boasts its own unique learning environment. It is within these settings that our students are living, learning, thriving and achieving. Our College is renowned as a world-class learning institution. While it attracts students of all ages from across India, VNEC is also becoming a preferred choice for a growing number of all students.

We invite you to visit our campus to see what VNEC is all about.

Poojya Dr.Sharanbaswappa Appaji