Kalaburagi-Bengaluru Road,Near Bus Depot, Hasanapur Camp, Shorapur- 585224.
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Our Shorapur

Shorapur is known as Land of Heroes.Shorapur is a town in Yadgir district in the Indian state of Karnataka. Bonal Bird Sanctuary is located about 10 km from Shorapur.

Shorapur is known for the Sri Venugopla Swami Temple. Even today all the disciplines offered in the Tirumala Temple at Tirupati were started from the contribution of then Surpur (Shorapur) Kings. They never visit the Tirumala temple, but a representative would be sent on their behalf. From 1703 the Bedar (Tribal) Kingdom rose and ruled it up to 1858, with the last king being Nalvadi Venkatappa Nayak.

The major Occupation of people around here is farming. Shorapur is a large producer of Cotton, Pulses & Paddy. Major attractions are The Fort (Darbar), Taylor manzil, Gopalswami Temple, Jain Temple, Devar baavi.